Every Monday Arvest Art Gallery master-class takes place.

75/78 Bogenbay Batira Street
(corner Kaldayakov)
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Phone: + 7 727 291 47 97
Mobile: + 7 701 799 94 09

Publications regarding the Arvest Gallery
Artwork title: Almaty contrasts. Author: Yriy ShneidermanArtwork title: Horses (private collection). Author: D. Zhangazanov
Artwork title: Dydyk player. Author: Yurik PetrosyanArtwork title: The old chigir (gallery collection). Author: Viktor Sushenkov
Artwork title: Windy. Author: Yriy ShneidermanArtwork title: Garden VI, from series Eight paradise gardens (private collection). Author: Georgiy Makarov
Artwork title: Drummer . Author: Moses ZiborkedeArtwork title: Castle III. Author: Georgiy Makarov
Artwork title: Dreams  (private collection). Author: Aybek RozakovArtwork title: Old legend. Author: Georgiy Makarov
Artwork title: Water set. Author: . .Artwork title: Series
Artwork title: Brougham 	. Author: . .Artwork title: Tea-set. Author: . .
Artwork title: Artworks. Author: . .Artwork title: Lamp (private collection). Author: Aivar Taziyev
Artwork title: Star (private collection). Author: Georgiy MakarovArtwork title: Aries (private collection). Author: Alexander Kondrashov