Every Monday Arvest Art Gallery master-class takes place.

75/78 Bogenbay Batira Street
(corner Kaldayakov)
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Phone: + 7 727 291 47 97
Mobile: + 7 701 799 94 09

Publications regarding the Arvest Gallery
Artwork title: Lilac  (private collection). Author: Gohar BoryanArtwork title: Opera and ballet house and Almaty hotel (private collection). Author: Anara Abzhanova
Artwork title: Yerevan, Ani hotel. Author: Tigran OvanesyanArtwork title: Road to the mine (gallery collection). Author: Vilenina Kuznetsova
Artwork title: Conversation. Author: Marat BekeyevArtwork title: The new Arbat. Author: Alexey Utkin
Artwork title: In wizard's country. Author: Aybek RozakovArtwork title: Craftswoman. Author: Kourmangazi Akashev
Artwork title: Mountain stream in sunlight patches (private collection). Author: Anatoly DashkoArtwork title: Pomegranates. Author: Martin Voskanyan
Artwork title: Kobyz. Author: Beksultan ZhankisievArtwork title: Bull. Author: Hayk Horasyan
Artwork title: Tune. Author: Beksultan ZhankisievArtwork title: Dreams. Author: Spartak Gevorgyan
Artwork title: Kobyz (private collection). Author: Beksultan ZhankisievArtwork title: Waiting (private collection). Author: Spartak Gevorgyan
Artwork title: Morning actress. Author: Spartak GevorgyanArtwork title: Sleeping beauty. Author: Spartak Gevorgyan