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Artists Beksultan Zhankisiev

Zhankissiyev Bexultan Kulmakhanbetovich

Was born in the 1st of November 1960, Jambul oblast, Merkenski region, Kazakhstan.


1981 - 1985: Graduated from the Art college after Kasteev, the department of theatre properties.

1985 1990: Graduated the Zhurgenov State Institute of Theatre and Art in Almaty.

Specialty: monumental decorative art.


1990 1993: director of monumental decorative art circle in professional mechanic college 16.

2003 2004: sculpture teacher in Almaty Art college after O. Tansikbaeva.

2005 -2006: participant of the best ice sculpture composition, done in the competition Astana, the centre of Eurasia, for what was awarded with a diploma.

2006 the performer of sculptural composition of the monument The Beatles: author Edward Kazaryan.

2007: the executor of sculptural composition of monument devoted to participants of Zheltoksan: author Ainekov.

Beksultan Zhankisiev
Artwork title: Light road. Artist: Beksultan ZhankisievArtwork title: Torso (private collection). Artist: Beksultan Zhankisiev
Artwork title: Mirage. Artist: Beksultan ZhankisievArtwork title: Kobyz (private collection). Artist: Beksultan Zhankisiev
Artwork title: Precept. Artist: Beksultan ZhankisievArtwork title: Kobyz. Artist: Beksultan Zhankisiev
Artwork title: In the steppe. Artist: Beksultan ZhankisievArtwork title: Song (private collection). Artist: Beksultan Zhankisiev
Artwork title: My star (private collection). Artist: Beksultan ZhankisievArtwork title: Tune. Artist: Beksultan Zhankisiev