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Artists Askar Yesdaulet

Was  born in 1962  in  Vannovka  village  Chimkent  region.

Graduated  Chimkent  College  of Art in 1985.

Graduated  The Academy of Art by T. Gurgenov in 1990.

In 1991-1995 years worked in France and Belgium by contract.

Main exhibitions:

2004 – “Ata Meken”, solo exhibition, “Tengry-Umai” gallery, Kazakhstan, Almaty.

2003 – “ I am a sculptor”, solo exhibition, “Art Alma-Ata” gallery, Kazakhstan, Almaty.

2001 - Solo exhibition, “Tengry-Umai” gallery, Kazakhstan, Almaty.

2000 - “Retrospective”, solo exhibition, Certain Exhibition hall , Kazakhstan, Almaty.

1999 – “Btorzhenie”, with M. Bekeev, “Tengry-Umai” gallery, Kazakhstan, Almaty.

1998 – “Formula of Earth”, “Tengry-Umai” gallery, Kazakhstan, Almaty.

1995 – Solo exhibition, “Ukat” gallery Belgium.

1994 -  Solo exhibition, France, Paris.

1994 -  Solo exhibition, France, Rein.

1994 -  Solo exhibition, Belgium, Luxemburg.

1993 - Solo exhibition, “Tengry-Umai” gallery, Kazakhstan, Almaty.

1991 – Collective exhibition in “Forum dez A1”.

1990 – Collective exhibition in “Younger artists of Kazakhstan”, Kazakhstan, Almaty.

1989 – Exhibition “Perekrestok”, Kazakhstan, Almaty.

International project:

2006 – International art “Art Bridge”, Kazakhstan, Almaty.

2000 – International art-festival “Master-Class”, Kazakhstan, Almaty.

1999– International art-festival “Master-Class”, Russia, Saint-Petersburg.

1996– Art-Manege, exhibition of “Tengry-Umai” gallery, Russia, Moscow.


A member of league of painters in Kazakhstan by 1990


In 1998 the laureate of festival “Zhiger”.

In 2002 reward by Independent prize “Tarlan”


Askar Yesdaulet
Artwork title: Village. Artist: Askar YesdauletArtwork title: Winter abduction (private collection). Artist: Askar Yesdaulet
Artwork title: Madonna . Artist: Askar YesdauletArtwork title: Morning. Artist: Askar Yesdaulet
Artwork title: Cafe. Artist: Askar YesdauletArtwork title: Still life. Artist: Askar Yesdaulet
Artwork title: The hearth (private collection). Artist: Askar YesdauletArtwork title: Jealousy (gallery's collection). Artist: Askar Yesdaulet
Artwork title: Metamorphosis. Artist: Askar YesdauletArtwork title: Vacation . Artist: Askar Yesdaulet