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Artists Elinor Brodsky


1977-1982 - Graduated Oryol State University University, Russia, with an academic second degree in art and graphics (M.A).

Professional experience:

1990 - Present - Manage my own business: engaged mainly in oil paintings, portrait, book illustration, theatre decoration,

- design and graphics.
- Member of Ashdod's artists society.
- Took part in several exhibitions;
1990 - Immigrated to Israel
1982-1990 - Worked as an art teacher. Taught drawing, delineation and tooling.
 - Worked as a book illustrator.


February 2011 Israeli art exhibition "Imagination 2011" -non profit exhibition for Israeli AIDS task force,in collaboration with "Bank Hapoalim", Tel Aviv. Israel


September 2010 Art en Capital Fair with the Soci?t? des Artistes Ind?pendants, France


August 2010 Group exhibition opening at the Government complex (Africa Israel tower) in Tel-Aviv. Israel

March 2010 "Accord" Personal exhibition, "Purple Gate" gallery at Ein-Hod artist's village, Israel


2010 The self portrait" Exhibition, at the "Art House" gallery, Brooklyn, USA

After the exhibition Elinor's artwork became a part of the permanent collection at the Brooklyn Art Library.


Febuary 2010

- Israeli art exhibition "Imagination 2010" -non profit exhibition for Israeli AIDS task force in collaboration with "Bank Hapoalim".

- Group exhibition "Secrets", Central gallery of Ein Hod - Artist village, Israel.

2009 "Business Art" exhibition at "Pierre Cardin salon de art", Paris, France.

            - Group exhibition in "Purple Gate" gallery, Ein-Hod - Artist village, Israel.
Group exhibition in "Baker street" gallery ,Jaffa, Israel.
Group exhibition "In a far far away kingdom" Sketch gallery, Jerusalem, Israel.
2004 - 2005 - Exhibition dedicated to Naomi Shemers poems,Maale-Edumim, Israel.
Personal exhibition Melodies of silence, Ashdods municipality, Israel.
 - Personal exhibition at Amalia Arbels gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
 1996 - 1998 - Annual exhibitions of International caricaturists organization-Pencom, Haifa, Israel.
1996 - Exhibition of women-painters- Art from womens point of view, Ashdod, Israel.
1993 - Exhibition of painters-immigrants, Ashdod, Israel.
1992 - Exhibition of painters-immigrants, Holon, Israel.


Elinor Brodsky
Artwork title: Nude with flower. Artist: Elinor BrodskyArtwork title: Coffee in the morning. Artist: Elinor Brodsky
Artwork title: In the boat (private collection). Artist: Elinor BrodskyArtwork title: Cafe in the old town. Artist: Elinor Brodsky
Artwork title: Guitar and violin. Artist: Elinor BrodskyArtwork title: Season of new wine. Artist: Elinor Brodsky
Artwork title: Fortune-telling. Artist: Elinor BrodskyArtwork title: Rooster and a flute  (private collection). Artist: Elinor Brodsky
Artwork title: Song of the last summer  (private collection). Artist: Elinor BrodskyArtwork title: Red bridge. Artist: Elinor Brodsky