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Artists Alexandra Semizorova

Semizorova Alexandra Vladimirovna

Semizorova Alexandra Vladimirovna was born in Alma-Ata city. After art school continued education in St.Petersburg State Academy of Art and Design named in honor of baron Shtiglitz (Mukhinas college) in faculty of monumental art in the studio of professor Shuvalov D.A. (2000 2006 years)

2002 - restoration of Uspenskiy Cathedral of Kremlin in Rostov Velikiy.
2002 2005 restoration in State Russian Museum.
2002 2006 Alexandra made copies of paintings in Hermitage , what helped her become proficient in different techniques of oil painting.
2003 - painted decorations for the opera Figaros Marriage for K. Baiseitova theatre in Astana city.
2004, 2005 she took part in exhibition The World Of Stone in Mukhinas college.
2005 participation in exhibition of young artists in Borey gallery in St. Petersburg.
2006 exhibition in Mukhinas college museum
2006 exhibition in Grand Hotel Emeralds gallery in St. Petersburg

Alexandra Semizorovas compositions are not just combination of classical art school and professional technical managing, but colorful, original and delicate in colour nuances, paintings.

Alexandra Semizorova
Artwork title: Old district of Almaty. Artist: Alexandra SemizorovaArtwork title: View of the Bosteri village and Issik-Kul lake (private collection). Artist: Alexandra Semizorova