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Awaiting for miracle


Artwork title: Box with carving and painting (private collecton). Author: . .Artwork title: Kazakh souvenirs (private collection). Author: Almas Mustafaev
Artwork title: Japanese in a mirror. Author: Gela  Giorgadze Artwork title: Sun-god, and a crown of Saki princess (private collection). Author: Alexander Kondrashov
Artwork title: Vase. Author: Musheh AmirkhonyanArtwork title: Nature (private collection). Author: Gela  Giorgadze
Artwork title: Souvenirs (private collection). Author: . .Artwork title: Samovar. Author: . .
Artwork title: Lamp (private collection). Author: Aivar TaziyevArtwork title: Girl with pomegranate. Author: Gela  Giorgadze
Artwork title: Towards evening. Author: Marat BekeyevArtwork title: Spring. Author: Inna Kostina
Artwork title: Spring bouquet (private collection). Author: Saltanat TashimovaArtwork title: Chess (private collection). Author: Galya Didur
Artwork title: Still life with pear. Author: Georgiy MakarovArtwork title: Gothic composition (diptych) (private collection ). Author: Vladimir Grigoryan
Artwork title: Bird's corner (private collection). Author: Anatoly DashkoArtwork title: Country houses. Author: Anna Margatskaya