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Almaty, Kazakhstan

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Awaiting for miracle


Artwork title: Among sunflowers. Author: Ludmila SadykovaArtwork title: Depuration (gallery collection). Author: Andrian Judro
Artwork title: Love and Rose. Author: Inna KostinaArtwork title: Golden Boat of lovers. Author: Abduahat Muratbaev
Artwork title: Вattle with the bull (private collection). Author: Abduahat MuratbaevArtwork title: The passion with pomegranate (private collection). Author: Inna Kostina
Artwork title: The arrival of something modern. Author: Liliya PozdnyakovaArtwork title:  Lunar eclipse. Author: Marat Bekeyev
Artwork title: Milkmaid(private collection). Author: Alexander AntadzeArtwork title: The old house . Author: Aybek Rozakov
Artwork title: Meeting on the way (private collection). Author: Alexander LvovichArtwork title: Bulls (private collection). Author: Alexander Lvovich
Artwork title: Vase. Author: Musheh AmirkhonyanArtwork title: Submarine (private collection). Author: Alexander Lvovich
Artwork title: Unique... (private collection). Author: Aram HunanyanArtwork title: For you...(private collection). Author: Aram Hunanyan
Artwork title: Trumpet sounds angel (private collection). Author: Anna MargatskayaArtwork title: White barkhan (private collection). Author: Alexander Lvovich